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About me
I was born on 18.04.1962 in Würzburg, Germany  and grew up in the Rhineland, Westphalia.
 In 1982 I came first to Israel to work with handicapped children.  Since 1987, I am a member of Kibutz Samar in Southern Israel.  I am divorced and have an adult daughter.
 I  worked in  pre-school education for 21 years, taking care of young children in the baby house and nursery of the kibbutz.
 In 2010 I branched out to other areas, organizing joint German-Israeli projects, building responsive multilingual websites, and designing posters, flyers and more for Print and Web.  I specialize in RTL- LTR Layout, Design with CSS , SASS and Bootstrap, Printdesign with Indesign, Optimizing Photos in Photoshop and writing HTML /Inline CSS Newsletters.  I like to work for private people and small companies or organisations . Personal contact is very important to me.  Individual requests are always welcome.
Main Skills
Drupal 7 + 8
Html (5) and CSS (3)
30 years:
Rules of design
Changing trends in Design and Art
8 years: 
Rtl –Ltr Layout in web and Print , Photoshop, Wordpress, Html(5) , CSS(3)
6 years:
Drupal (7 and 8) , Indesign , Responsive design
Main Tools I use for work
Adobe CC all programs
Drupal/Wordpress  in the newest versions
Bootstrap Suite
Brackets as code editor
Sass and  Koala
1986 until now  Kibbutz Samar
2010 until now Freelancer
2015 until now Matnass Hevel Eilot
Susanne Tamir has done excellent work as the chief graphic artist and designer and manager of the website of the Department of Culture, Chevel Eilot Municipality. The service  Susanne provides is exceptional not only because of its high quality, but also in terms of her availability, adaptability to changes, and ability to work within a time table.
Susanne has shown great ability to understand  the nature of the events that she provides services for and an attentiveness to the needs of the specific populations involved.
Ayelet Krispin, Director - Department of Culture, Chevel Eilot Municipality, Israel.
High School Matriculation
Graphics and free painting in the Düsseldorf Art Academy (Kunstakademie Düsseldorf)
Literature, philosophy and education at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf
Yad va Shem teacher course on eduction of the holocuast
Preschool teacher
Online Courses in Design and Webdesign 2011 until now
I love to learn and take courses and seminars whenever I can .
CSS- HTML Certification
Pre-school Teacher Certification
Free Painting and Graphic
German (Mother language)
Hebrew (fluent)
English (fluent)
French (Read and understand)
Mountain biking in the Desert, Reading,  Adobe CC, Quantum physics, Art

Adobe Certifications 2015-2018


My Spark Learning Journals
Adobe Edex: Skillbuilder Indesign My learning journal : Music and Food
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